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kayaksession杂志采访kayak跳瀑布世界记录者 Tyler Bradt

据《每日邮报》26日报道,一名美国皮划艇运动员成功地从帕劳瑟瀑布(Palouse falls)顶端乘皮划艇降落,从而创造了新的世界纪录。
B0O jHOf FL/B   华盛顿东部的帕劳瑟瀑布高达186英尺(约合57米),22岁的泰勒·布拉特(Tyler Bradt)在3.7秒内从其顶端降落,时速达到100英里(约160千米/小时)。消失在瀑布底端6秒钟后,他手持一支断桨浮了上来,除扭了手腕以外没有其他身体上的损伤。布拉特承认,到达瀑布底端的瞬间承受2000立方英尺(约合57立方米)的湍流是冒着生命危险的。“我从未体验过这种感觉,我无法确定自己是否已经受伤,当时整个身体都在震动。”bXY0g_D Q
  此前皮划艇降落的世界纪录保持者是佩德罗·奥利维亚(Pedro Olivia),他曾经从高达127英尺(约合39米)的巴西萨尔托-贝洛瀑布(Salto Bello falls)上乘皮划艇降落。
%j Jg d |gf P   布拉特本人此前最好纪录是2007年在加拿大西北地区的黑伊里弗镇(Hay River)创下的,当时他驾皮划艇从107英尺(约合33米)高的亚历山大瀑布上降落。为了准备此次皮划艇降落,布拉特曾数次考察地形,以确定此举的安全性。 -[iy&S5Rz0J!H4R

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                               [b]  [size=5] Tyler Bradt Exclusive Interview kayaksession[/size][/b]
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[size=4][color=Red]In March, Brazilian Pedro Oliveira ran a 127-foot falls in Brazil breaking Tyler Bradt’s former 107-foot record (alexandra falls, NWT canada). There was huge media coverage worldwide about Olivia’s record. While most people imagined this record would stay for a very long time, Tyler Bradt just ran the 186 ft (nearly 60-meter) Palouse Falls in Washington State, smashing Olivia’s record by 59 ft!!!
I*^v]t{ In an exclusive first interview for Kayak Session mag, Tyler answers some of the burning questions everyone has been wondering about since the news came out…[/color][/size]
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[size=4][color=DarkOrange]“I hope it encourages people not to run huge waterfalls but to understand that the only limits that exist are the ones you create, no matter what you are doing.”[/color][/size]
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[color=Red]KS: How do you feel? Any injuries? Given the smile on your face if there are any they must be minimal…[/color]TB: Palouse went about as well as I could have ever hoped. I am a little sore today and have a sprained wrist but given the circumstances it’s all pretty minor stuff.W4ras P

azNZp*X:s3I [color=Red]KS: Was there some celebrating after you ran it?[/color]b)\q!WB
TB: Naw, Ian and I just went to bed early after catching up on a good book :)1Q@ uo3s"[*E*]

D E&n*i)?pM?9C.^ [color=Red]KS: … a book written by a certain Jack Daniels I guess. I read all his book from cover to cover...qX7_v?n
KS: What was your main motivation to run that waterfall?[/color]
UPB.[/@!l TB: I have been passionate about running waterfalls for a while now. We have gradually come to havea better feel for what is possible in the vertical realm. We have researched the potential for running bigger and bigger waterfalls by starting at the bottom and working up. Palouse was the next step. I had come to a good understanding of what I believe I am capable of and what is possible. Palouse was a calculated decision to reach further into the unknown and make a dream a reality. It is something that spoke to me personally and nothing aside from a personal goal affected my motivation to run the waterfall.
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A*u^b+] [color=DarkOrange][size=4]“Palouse went about as well as I could have ever hoped” [/size][/color]
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e |{U%NS%FbG+} [color=Red]KS: What goes through your mind as you’re lining up for it? And when actually running the beast?[/color]TB: Palouse was a mentally difficult waterfall. With every angle you look at it from, something new appears and proves what you previously thought wrong. The lip was more complicated than I thought it was before putting on my gear and giving it a last scout from river left. It was not straight forward at all and the line about a boat width wide. The five or six seconds on flat water, feet from the lip, were crazy moments. I was optimistic about the line and focused on sticking it. I lined it up just as I wanted to and ran it exactly as I had in my visualizations. The power of the mind is an amazing thing. kFOc-J
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[color=Red]KS: When you first got there was your immediate reaction to it that you would run it? Or did you have to talk yourself into it a bit?[/color]TB: The day I ran it was the fourth time I had been there in the course of three or four weeks. The first reaction was that it was runnable. I didn’t know if I wanted to do it or not until Ian and I went and ran some waterfalls around the North West. I felt really good after brushing up on my waterfall running and visiting it again. It was a goal I penciled in mentally, being totally ok with thinking about it and training for a while. I was on my way back to Montana on April 20th and Rush and I decided to stop so he could take a look at it. The flow was a few thousand CFS lower than I thought runnable so I didn’t expect to show up and find it at an even more manageable flow. I decided I wanted to give myself the opportunity to run it, knowing that I would back away if I wasn’t feeling good about it. We called in the team to meet the next day at noon./i8D3q5Fl FG

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[color=DarkOrange][size=4]“Palouse was a calculated risk, no doubt dangerous but also one of the most amazing days of my life. It’s a personal thing and nothing exterior, especially negativity, affects that.”[/size][/color]
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[color=Red]KS: Did anyone try to stop you?[/color]`0g'dY/PU/i.w:B_
TB: Every member of the team we chose to be there was incredibly positive. I believe that positive energy inspires positive results and no one second guessed what I was thinking about doing and all supported my decision 100%.

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[color=DarkOrange][size=4]“The team we had was amazing. Everyone brought to the table a different skill set and played crucial roles”[/size][/color]
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!sf,Y)lV [color=Red]KS: Who was with you when you ran it? [/color]%Yk%R_uF U
TB: The team we had was amazing. Everyone brought to the table a different skill set and played crucial roles. The team consisted of the following: Ian Garcia and Cody Howard in boats at the bottom; Sam Drevo at the top ready to repel behind the falls if a rescue was necessary; Rush Sturges coordinated the documentation and Erik Boomer, Lane Jacobs, Ben Stookesberry and Barney helped with the documentation; Jesse from World Class was at the bottom running a camera and there to back up the safety. All truly great people who contributed to making the day a success._I?bm-e1h

s6?&B-[)]m [color=Red]KS: Exactly what kind of safety was set for the run? [/color]
:J'R Uv$m TB: There was cell service at the waterfall in case of an emergency and Spokane is 60 air miles from the waterfall. We had medical equipment and ways to stabilize me in case of a back injury. We had two boats at the bottom and a person ready to repel behind the falls with a throw bag. We thought through the different scenarios and prepared for them all.

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[color=Red]KS: Does running it have to do with the fact Olivia beat your previous record?[/color]
BEH J"kCq TB: Running something like this isn’t about records. It is not worth maiming yourself or dying over a record. Of course I was disheartened about Perdro’s claims after he landed on his head and no one was there to witness him sticking the landing. It added controversy to the record, again. I am glad that I was able to set things straight again, but it certainly wasn’t my motivation for running it.
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[color=Red]KS: You have gotten an incredible amount of press and media already. Did you expect as much?[/color]*h7Pfzyj
TB: I never really though it through to the media point. My main focus was running it and being safe. The story is good and I feel obligated to tell it. I think there is a great underlying message behind all of it that is neat for people to see. I will be happy to share with world how this all came to be.Keg/d*z4N[+`

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i/VE1S U)wmV9@D3E [color=Red]KS: Did you feel like there was potential that you might not survive the drop? [/color]TB: No
m v#qT,{CF ~ [color=Red]KS: What did you feel like were the major hazards or risks?[/color]_g6C0O5o)bm|
TB: Back injury.A.NdP6n/Qe

.Cq:~ f:\;C [color=Red]KS: Would you do it again?[/color]
vDl_8I9lK9Di b\,m TB: Once is good enough for me.

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[color=DarkOrange][size=4]“I never really thought it through to the media point. My main focus was running it and being safe”[/size][/color]
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-XDc:L%p8eof/S [color=Red]KS: When are we going to see the first footage on video?[/color]
f~.L2Xi&c SPf TB: Rush and I are creating a new production called “Dream Result”. Check out [url]www.Rev-Inn.com[/url] for more information on the launch date scheduled for Spring 2010. The footage will be out soon in the media. Watch the website for information about that too.
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[color=Red]KS: As you probably know (or maybe even expected) some people have been criticizing your run saying it is not good for kayaking, and it encourages young people to risk their lives? What is your response to that?[/color]TB: I would rather risk my life than risk not living my life. There is a balance there and being in tune with that balance is important. Palouse was a calculated risk, no doubt dangerous but also one of the most amazing days of my life. It’s a personal thing and nothing exterior, especially negativity, affects that. It has been great seeing all the people who have reacted to this positively. Thanks very much to everyone who gave me positive words; it is great so many people have felt inspired by this. I hope it encourages people not to run huge waterfalls but to understand that the only limits that exist are the ones you create, no matter what you are doing.

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Ah:MpQ 在独家首创采访独木舟会议MAG,泰勒回答一些亟待解决的问题大家一直想知道,因为消息一出‘’,,,,,,/g PR_9uK
m ^&|,dOqM KS:你感觉怎么样?任何的伤害呢?鉴于你脸上的笑容,如果有任何他们必须是最小的...结核病:帕卢斯走遍以及我可能曾经希望。我有点疼今天,有一个扭伤了手腕,但鉴于当时的情况这一切都非常细微的东西。lI'|+uq E+CF'_
KS :有没有一些庆祝你追着它的“C & J6 W' * X *宽?
3b3r-By8k 结核病:瑙, Ian和我刚刚上床睡觉的很好的书:) 3 Q赶超后早期; | ( W5 P) ? “F + Z;s/Gq'a zV5g+@ L
% Q8 P# S / D ; ? 9 Q! ^ % \ 。 X9 ?mFo6p+c-\q
KS : ...一本书,写的一定杰克丹尼我猜。我从头到尾读了他所有的书涵盖...
C4W+LN0D"A KS :什么是你的主要动力,运行的瀑布? vgoR*JuC6c&BO
TB :我一直热衷运行瀑布有一段时间了。我们已逐渐havea对什么是可能在垂直领域更好的手感。我们通过从底部开始,工作起来研究潜在的运行越来越大瀑布。帕卢斯为下一步骤。我已经到了什么,我相信我是有能力的,什么是可能的一个很好的了解。帕卢斯是一个计算决定进一步深入到未知,让梦想成为现实。因为这是跟我个人并没有什么除了个人目标影响了我动力,运行的瀑布。1w1DP5X/j9^"H$B k&E!I
KS :什么通过你的头脑去为你排队呢?而当实际运行兽结核病:帕卢斯是精神上难以瀑布。随着每一个角度,你看它的,新的东西出现,并证明你以前认为的错误。嘴唇比我还以为是在放我的装备,并给予它从河左边最后一个侦察兵以前更复杂。这不是直线前进的一切,关于船行宽的宽度。五六秒平水,双脚从唇,是疯狂的时刻。我正要行持乐观态度,并专注于坚持到底。我列队它只是因为我想和运行它正是我在我的视觉效果。心灵的力量是惊人的thing.[url]www.chinaraft.com[/url] -V $ E ; ? _6 ^ - @ 8 8 ? 5× * A0 ? !我
:l0SUu3EN$I9r d KS :当你第一次到那里是你的第一反应它,你会跑吗?还是你要谈自己变成了一点结核病:我跑了一天,它是第四次我一直在有三个或四个星期的课程。第一反应是,这是可运行的。我不知道如果我想要做与不做,直到伊恩和我去,到处奔着西北一些瀑布。我刷了我的瀑布运行,再次访问它后感觉真的很不错。这是一个目标,我用铅笔在精神上被完全确定与思考它,一会儿训练。我对我的方式回到蒙大拿州4月20日和拉什和我决定停止这样他就可以看看它。流量是几千CFS低于我想运行的,所以我没想到会显示出来,并发现它在一个更易于管理的流程。我决定,我想给自己的机会来运行它,知道我会退避三舍,如果我没有感觉良好吧。我们的团队叫做迎接第二天中午
e;oOS"p “帕卢斯是一个计算的风险,毫无疑问危险的,但也是我一生中最令人惊异的日子之一。这是一个个人的事情,没有什么外观,尤其是消极,会影响这一点。“N"F8@P ~kTw x
We bd q5H._
D:Z-`'No,n2sS |*}.I TB:我们选择在那里每一个团队成员是非常积极的。我认为,积极的能量激发积极的成果,没有1秒猜到我在想什么这样做和所有支持我的决定100%。
!}|C7U(S “我们有我们的团队是惊人的。每个人都带来不同的技能表,起到至关重要的作用“
9M8iF0n*tM^"B` !R jE.~lzbZ0K$?

p+o)l#m4X,E3H$G%`.} KS :当你运行它是谁跟你? ?'k2HlG7??
TB :我们有这个团队是惊人的。大家带来的表不同的技能,发挥关键作用。该团队包括以下各项:伊恩·加西亚和科迪霍华德在船的底部;山姆Drevo上方准备好落后击退,如果救援是必要的;拉什·斯特奇斯协调的文档和Erik潮弄雅各布,本Stookesberry和巴尼帮助与文档;杰西从世界级的是在运行一个摄像头的底部,有备份的安全性。所有真正伟大的人谁有助于使这一天是成功的。+h3Y/Fqv
'?-be*` ouJ
KS :究竟是什么样的安全是为运行设置?
Lc#`3h P"JY 结核病:有小区服务的瀑布在紧急情况下和斯波坎是从瀑布60航空里程。我们有医疗设备和方法来稳定我的情况下背部受伤。我们有两艘船在底部,一个人随时准备击退了扔包的落后。我们认为通过不同的场景,并为他们所有的准备
dr h2X5Q^b{e KS:是否运行它都与事实奥利维亚打破了以前的纪录?
|'e5lP*d 结核病:运行这样的事情是不是记录。这是不值得残害自己或在死亡的纪录。当然,我是心灰意冷约Perdro的说法,他降落在他的头上之后,没有人在那里目睹他坚持降落。它补充争论的记录,再一次。我很高兴我能再次垂直设置的东西,但它肯定不是我的动机运行它。
0D(E G+M+b| mE6e KS:你已经得到了新闻媒体的一个令人难以置信的量了。你期望的那样多吗?[url]www.chinaraft.com[/url](S9 L#P!?1个S
j'TY'X;z}-C TB:我从来没有真正虽然通过媒体点。我的主要焦点是运行它,是安全的。这个故事是好的,我觉得有义务告诉它。我认为这是背后的一个伟大的基本信息是整齐的,让人们看到。我会很乐意与世界分享这一切是如何走过来的。+sOU)d@(r.b(iS
U&W|NMKvj;P.d sL}g[r5x+j/j
4aA7g:?#m 结核病:返回injury.[url]www.chinaraft.com4[/url][^%Y8 M,V9^
Ld2hj1YFgY [url]www.chinaraft.com6[/url] F * U8 W“W $ R *{1 I*?
9phV} Y._ {B KS:你会再做一次吗? 6e^&Lf3[h
&yx R/\_"k1|&} “我从来没有想过它通过向媒体点。我的主要焦点是运行它,是安全的“ X8j1aA~-u7l tp+j

{.S/VS"~&O KS :我们什么时候看到视频的第一个镜头?J*K)M3u5r!V[{@o
结核病:拉什和我正在创造一个新的生产被称为“梦的结果” 。退房www.Rev - Inn.com就定于2010年春季推出日期的详细信息。这段录像马上就要出来了媒体。看网站,了解有关信息了。
6~Ru9I/Ri:r 7agBu/Q`1c:T9_:R
KS :正如你可能知道(或者甚至预期)有人一直批评你来说说这是不好的皮划艇,并鼓励年轻人冒着生命危险?什么是你的回应结核病:我宁愿冒我的生活不是风险不活我的生活。这里面就有一个平衡,顺应了这种平衡是很重要的。帕卢斯是一个计算的风险,毫无疑问危险的,但也是我一生中最令人惊异的日子之一。这是一个个人的事情,没有什么外观,尤其是消极,会影响。据大眼看着那些谁已经反应到这个积极的人。非常感谢大家谁给了我肯定的话,它是非常大,所以很多人都觉得灵感来自于此。我希望它鼓励人们不运行大瀑布??,但要明白,存在唯一的限制是你创建,不管你在做什么的人。
L0?C8\C4C[.z [color=Red]Google翻译[/color]
@'o,KN8}1kH0o%jg   没学过外语,简单看看。
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