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标题: 美国Bend 白水公园 [打印本页]

作者: 余洋    时间: 2016-2-29 21:04     标题: 美国Bend 白水公园

1 R4 ?* r% b' [. d中国漂流探险,china raft,kayak,kayaking,canoe,caneoing,raftingFloaters Channel
4 h6 Z# P" y5 g" n中国漂流探险网 ChinaRaftThe channel nearest McKay Park takes the casual river floater under the Colorado Ave. bridge. Twelve minor drops in river elevation guide people toward the Drake Park take-out." a3 f2 V. j+ Y0 a
chinaraft.com9 x7 A9 U4 \9 |* v  r/ e) x, }
Whitewater Channel
  s/ c( t  \1 Q+ }中国漂流探险网 ChinaRaftThe middle channel consists of four waves with various degrees of difficulty ranging from beginner to expert. Wave conditions are influenced by electronically controlled pneumatic bladders that influence wave shape, size and complexity.中国漂流探险,china raft,kayak,kayaking,canoe,caneoing,rafting$ ]0 |5 t9 G0 ^9 r% Q
中国漂流探险网 ChinaRaft$ C1 B% u- X8 B, P& t
Nature Habitat Channel
8 I% p" B3 F5 L2 A! J漂流,中国漂流,漂流探险,探险漂流,中国漂流探险,漂流装备,独木舟,皮划艇Though the Bend Whitewater Park is designed for river recreation, is part of a beautiful and natural river. Protecting the river is critical to the park’s success. Plant life helps protect river health and provide habitat for wildlife. There is no public access to this sensitive area.

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作者: 余洋    时间: 2016-2-29 21:06

( L/ W! y! g# m  o中国漂流探险,china raft,kayak,kayaking,canoe,caneoing,raftingJason’s Wave. Jason’s wave is a beginner wave best suited for people learning the sport. (Beginner)中国漂流探险网 ChinaRaft' M. h- ]; X- l& ^
中国漂流探险,china raft,kayak,kayaking,canoe,caneoing,rafting+ ~. g9 G$ j' I4 W. x

5 o5 Z# d) k5 H( `2 j5 PKricket’s Wave. Kricket’s wave is best suited for those with some experience and a love for kayaking. (Difficult to more difficult)中国漂流探险,china raft,kayak,kayaking,canoe,caneoing,rafting1 ^- I; b8 L: s8 s7 M9 f
中国漂流探险,china raft,kayak,kayaking,canoe,caneoing,rafting$ P: D. d  u, r

$ ?, W6 n: ]7 a& L. schinaraft.comWave #3 – TBD. Wave #3 is best suited for experienced whitewater paddlers.中国漂流探险,china raft,kayak,kayaking,canoe,caneoing,rafting% B4 Q1 K2 U4 F5 F1 L
(Difficult)7 D/ Z' [" U, R
中国漂流探险,china raft,kayak,kayaking,canoe,caneoing,rafting* F* l% D; o3 Z  R8 Y
中国漂流探险网 ChinaRaft3 H  o, m7 E2 E% u
Eddy’s Wave. Eddy’s wave is the largest in the series and best suited for the most experienced paddler. (Most difficult)

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作者: 余洋    时间: 2016-2-29 22:14

: z# I' G6 T' N& _+ _  x0 l: E/ y) n2 ~漂流,中国漂流,漂流探险,探险漂流,中国漂流探险,漂流装备,独木舟,皮划艇

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